From a tiny spark

may burst a mighty flame

– Dante

HeartSparks is all about igniting passion and potential within individuals, teams and across organisations, which is what I have spent my career seeking to do. Life is too precious to settle for mediocrity. Through connecting motivation, values and purpose (our hearts), we create a spark that drives incredible things.  My name is Kath Howard and I am passionate about engaging people to achieve their best work, and aligning all factors within an organisation’s design and culture to support this.

I don’t do fads, management speak or make lofty claims about what my work can achieve. I’ve spent over twenty years in the field of Occupational Psychology, OD and HR; building a genuine understanding of what makes people tick so that I don’t need to. I set HeartSparks up to offer consultancy, coaching and learning interventions to individuals and organisations.

HeartSparks is built upon three core values, which naturally align to my own; Co-creation, Compassion & Growth. I believe in partnering with people and organisations; I don’t fly in, drop a solution, and fly out. I believe in treating people as individuals, with dignity and care. And the very heart of HeartSparks…I believe in growth; driving growth and fulfilment in myself and others.

What I do

Connect your vision, values and strategy to engage and motivate your people and your customers.

Draw on the power of high impact learning and psychology to grow individual and team potential.

Take up the challenge of individual or group coaching to progress your goals and inner potential.

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