Who I am

My name is Kath Howard. I am a change agent, motivator, and facilitator, Coach, Occupational Psychologist and Consultant.  Compassion, fairness and growth are central to who I am, and to how I operate. I love working with people to untangle issues, help them to get unstuck and moving ahead with clarity, direction and pace.  I get a buzz out of joining the dots within organisations to help them to achieve their vision; ensuring everything is well-aligned for success. And what really sets me apart is my ability to make connections quickly, and to bring insights from psychology and years of practical experience to you and your business.

I am dedicated to my clients, whoever they may be, and act as a source of robust but supportive challenge. I take pride in supporting holistic, sustainable change.  It’s not all about lightbulb moments and tangible outcomes; sometimes it’s simply about listening and challenging you to create the right goals that will drive you forward. We can spend a lot of time and energy chasing the wrong dreams.

Ultimately, I aim to make workplaces a better place to work, and I have a long history of designing and working with engagement and learning strategies and tools. I have been accountable for employee engagement, career and talent development, OD and change at senior levels, reporting into the Board.  Some of my most impactful and fulfilling work has been in championing women’s diversity approaches, well-being initiatives and just simple conversations within organisations.

I am an Organisation Development practitioner and believe in taking a humanistic approach – we’re human after all, and HeartSparks is all about humanising and igniting passion at work. My favourite piece of feedback to illustrate this came from a senior stakeholder, who said…

 “Kath works with strong intellect and challenge, but always with a kindness of spirit.  She tells us that the process we follow, and the experience of people within that process, is just as important as the outcome. I see that she reflects this belief in everything she does.”
I don’t claim to be a guru or indeed an expert in your own field, but I do know my stuff. As a leader who has spent nearly twenty years working in large corporates, starts-ups, government departments and charities, I bring a wealth of proven experience to my work.  I’m also a Chartered Occupational Psychologist; an achievement that followed many years of just wanting to get under the skin of organisations and to understand what makes people tick. I cut my working teeth in corporate law firms, and still thrive on professionalism and getting things right. I don’t cut corners, and I work with transparency and integrity.

I live in West Sussex, having recently moved out a little further from London, but still having brilliant connections almost anywhere. I’m a mum to two crazy small people who both make me laugh and turn me to wine in equal measure. And I aspire to own a Shetland pony and a Spaniel, but I’m currently settling for a nonchalant Moggie who just about tolerates me.

Above all this, I’m authentic. You’ll work with a real person. Someone who drinks too many Americanos, loves getting to know new people and is ever enthusiastic for others potential.

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