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Can OD take us beyond ‘employee engagement’ rhetoric?

Apparently, we’re operating within a ‘global epidemic’ of workplace disengagement (Gallup, 2018). It all sounds pretty awful. Where do we go next? We've been investing in 'employee engagement' interventions for at least a couple of decades, and nothing much seems...

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My take on finding your purpose, or your ‘why’

‘What do you want to be when you grow up, Mummy?’ A question from my 4-year old today. I started to explain that I was already grown up, but stopped myself because I’ve recently read Lynda Gratton’s ‘100 year old life’, and theoretically I could start another couple...

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Set a goal and work toward it

Reading time: 3mins I’m forever working on my planning skills.  I’m not a natural planner – I’m an ENFP on Myers Briggs Type Indicator and true to type, I love spontaneous activities and the joy of last-minute pressures.  I hugely recognise the importance of a good...

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I’m going to cut myself some slack. Join me.

Read time: 4mins On the eve of International Women's Day, I'm feeling reflective. I'm feeling reflective about all the women out there with such an abundance of potential who aren't being given the recognition, support and sheer adoration they deserve. I'm feeling...

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Let’s stretch our thinking around flexible working

Reading time: 4mins 30secs So, my aspiration is to work in a blissful state of serenity on the beach like the lucky *** in the photo.  The reality is that I’m at my dining room table, fighting off the cat, who just fyi only shows me attention if there is absolutely no...

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It’s cool to be compassionate

It’s cool to be compassionate Read time, 2min 30secs These blogs were intended to be written swiftly over a cup of coffee. This one means so much to me that I’m already on my third Americano and way over my self-imposed word limit. So, with the jitters and an element...

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