What I offer

‘Your greatness, power and potential are within you.  Sometimes we just need a spark to make our light brighter.’ Ken Lauher

I provide impact through coaching, consultancy and design services to individuals and organisations.  My works supports people development, employee engagement and cultural change. I love connecting people within and across organisations to make change happen. My ideal client is one who is ready or wanting to shift, whether that be to a new career, new level of performance, or toward a new organisational culture. You don’t need to have clarity of vision; I’m here to support you to achieve that.

A key principle of my work is to support sustainable change. I want to see change that sticks, and to build long-term relationships where we work together to embed the change, rather than through building dependency on me as a Consultant.

I use my skills to work at three levels:

  • Working with individuals, often through coaching programmes, to support them to achieve clarity of purpose, and to set and achieve ambitious goals. I also run open programmes and bespoke learning to support individual development.
  • Working with teams to foster healthy dynamics that support team understanding, growth and high-performance
  • Working at the organisational-level to develop cultures that support high engagement and learning in their people, and to embed the right framework and tools to make this happen.

Connect your vision, values and strategy to engage and motivate your people and your customers.

Research and writing that aims to put the 'human' back into Human Resources.  Let's create work cultures where we are 'People Not Paperclips'

Individual and group coaching to progress your personal and organisational performance.

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