Coaching individuals and teams

‘The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.’  Michaelangelo.

I partner with my clients to achieve great things; to make bold and ambitious plans, and to build the confidence, skills, and self-belief to achieve these. Learning does not need to take place in a classroom or online – working with a Coach is a powerful and cost-effective way to shape your ongoing development.  Coaching can focus on any business or personal goal or issue.  Common topics are:

  • Raising performance at work, or growing your business
  • Transitioning into a new role
  • Building, or rebuilding, confidence and communication skills
  • Managing work and home life, or responding to workplace pressures

I coach men and women at all levels of organisations, and have a particular interest in coaching early career women to progress and achieve their potential.

I am a Chartered Occupational Psychologist, and a member of the British Psychological Society’s Special Group in Coaching Psychology. I also hold a postgraduate qualification in ‘Executive Coaching & Mentoring’ from the Institute of Leadership & Management, and have extensive experience of establishing internal coaching programmes and coaching networks for organisations in which I have worked.

My coaching style and approach have been shaped by positive psychology and strengths-based tools.  I support self-awareness in my Coachees through using psychometrics where meaningful and useful, and I’m accredited to use MBTI, 16PF, Thomas Kilmann, and Strengthscope psychometrics.

For individuals

I am passionate about using the power of coaching to support and drive a shift in personal growth, career potential or performance. There are two options for working with me as an individual Coachee:

A programme of coaching to create a sustained shift

A coaching programme would typically be 12hrs or 16hrs in duration. Please contact me to discuss my fees.

  • a 1.5hr goal-setting session
  • 360-degree feedback conducted through a mix of survey and interview format
  • A series of 6-8 coaching sessions each 4-5 weeks

I typically hold 50% of sessions face-to-face with the remaining via Zoom or Skype. Some clients prefer to do all coaching via Skype or telephone, as there’s no time wasted in travel.

One-off power coaching sessions

You may need just one or two specific, focused sessions in response to a crisis, life change or opportunity.  These single sessions can be used as personal strategy and career planning sessions, as appropriate, and are offered as 1.5hr, or 1/2-day sessions. Please contact me to discuss my fees

You can schedule a Discovery Call here to find out more about my coaching services, and to discuss your needs.


For organisations e.g. driving performance, talent and maternity coaching

Coaching really can be transformational – it’s wonderful to see a shift in a person as they journey through a coaching programme.  I work with individuals within organisations who require a coaching programme or one-off coaching intervention, and have a particular background and interest in supporting women’s career development before and following a period of maternity leave. I can also support you in building an internal coaching network for your business should this be of interest to you.

A coaching programme will typically consist of 12hrs of coaching, as per the individual coaching programme outline above. We may include psychometrics and/or 360-degree feedback.


Team coaching and development

Healthy team dynamics are essential to the successful performance of any department and organisation.  I don’t do the ‘out of bounds’, treasure-hunt-in-the-woods style of team building, though such events certainly serve a useful purpose.  I offer group facilitation of important meetings or conference style events, and team development workshops or programmes that will cement a sense of shared purpose and healthy ways of working.  I offer feedback and challenge to the team, and hold a mirror up to the group through a combination of observation and psychometric analysis.

Teams often have little or no group development, and at best then become a set of fantastic individuals who like each other but don’t fulfil their collective potential.  I can help you with this. Please get in touch.

How do we get started?

Please get in touch with me to discuss your needs, and what you would like to gain from coaching. We can then discuss how we might work together to achieve this


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Individual and group coaching to progress your personal and organisational performance.

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