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I design and deliver high impact learning aligned to my areas of interest and specialist expertise. I work with other expert and trusted Associates where a co-facilitator or additional expertise is required. I build learning solutions that shift performance, and transform the capabilities and potential of people at work and in their home life. I offer a small but perfectly formed suite of ‘open learning’ i.e. open to you as an individual.  I also run these workshops in-house, and I am available to develop bespoke workshops, and management and talent programmes.

Your experience with HeartSparks will be inspiring and memorable.  More importantly, it will be actionable, and will enable you to create change.

I will send you my full Terms and Conditions when we start forming our contract together. For those booking from the open programme of learning below, please note the following cancellation terms:

  • Cancellation in excess of 28 days’ of the workshop date will not incur a cancellation fee.
  • Cancellation between 14 to 28 days of the workshop date will incur a 50% cancellation fee of the total fee.
  • Cancellation between 0-13 days of the workshop date will incur the full 100% fee.
  • We require 14 days notice to reschedule your place on one of our workshops.

NB. If HeartSparks needs to cancel a course, a place will booked on the next available course at no further cost to delegates.

Open learning workshops and espresso sessions:



Cost incl. VAT

Workshop / Structure / Cost incl. VAT

Ignite Your Future
  • Exploring your self-awareness using a strength-based psychometric
  • Your personal vision, values and style
  • Developing a robust career plan
  • Developing your network and stakeholder engagement plan to fast-track your success
  • 2hr psychometric feedback and career coaching session, with 1-day workshop 9:30am to 5pm
  • Dates May and July TBD
  • Locations Gatwick, Horsham, London
£450 – up to 6 delegates
Shaping Your Leadership
  • Embarking on light-touch, pre-workshop 360-degree feedback to support your self-awareness
  • Your leadership approach, style and purpose
  • Exploring different leadership styles and approaches, and learning to flex your own style
  • Reflecting on leadership theory and practice – what works and for whom
  • Forming an action plan for embedding your own leadership plan
  • 1-day workshop, 9:30am to 5pm
  • Dates May and June TBD
  • Locations Gatwick, Horsham, London
£300 – up to 8 delegates
Connecting with Others
  • Enhancing your communication & networking skills to enable you to really connect with customers and colleagues
  • Understanding the relationship cycle, how to initiate, develop and maintain strong working and client relationships
  • Building and maintaining your network – frameworks, tips and techniques that will make a big impact!
  • 1-day workshop, 9:30am to 5pm
  • Dates May and July TBD
  • Locations Gatwick, Horsham, London
£300 – up to 8 delegates
Leading & Engaging Your Team
  • There is little more important to strong leadership than motivating & building engagement in your team, and this workshop aims to provide you with the knowledge and skills to make that happen
  • Understanding what makes people tick, and applying it to your own team
  • Considering your own style, values and beliefs and how these shape your team interactions
  • Team dynamics and team culture – forming trust and maintaining strong ways of working
  • 1-day workshop, 9:30am to 5pm
  • Dates TBD – May & September
  • Locations Gatwick, Horsham, London
£300 – up to 8 delegates
Coaching others to perform
  • A strong introduction to coaching skills for managers and leaders, supporting you to provide the right support for your teams and colleagues to flourish
  • Exploring coaching models and practising questioning techniques
  • Refecting on how you will use your coaching skills, and an opportunity to practice in the workplace with a future phonecall review with Kath
  • 1-day workshop, 9:30am to 5pm
  • Dates TBD – June & September
  • Locations Gatwick, Horsham, London
£300 – up to 10 delegates

Bespoke learning for organisations

I design and deliver bespoke learning workshops, both full day events and bitesize espresso sessions lasting 45mins to 2hrs.  Please get in touch if you don’t see the skills areas you’re looking to support above, and we can talk more.  This can be a cost-effective way to run your training event, and typically requires two days design for each one day of delivery.

Team coaching and development

Healthy team dynamics are essential to the successful performance of any department and organisation.  I don’t do the ‘out of bounds’, treasure-hunt-in-the-woods style of team building, though such events certainly serve a useful purpose.  I offer group facilitation of important meetings or conference style events, and team development workshops or programmes that will cement a sense of shared purpose and healthy ways of working.  I offer feedback and challenge to the team, and hold a mirror up to the group through a combination of observation and psychometric analysis. In short, you can’t afford not to invest in your team’s ongoing development. Every time someone joins or leaves the team, or a new crisis or opportunity arises, the dynamic will shift as a result. Teams often have little or no group development, and at best then become a set of fantastic individuals who like each other but don’t fulfil their collective potential.  I can help you with this. Please get in touch.

What I do

Connect your vision, values and strategy to engage and motivate your people and your customers.

Research and writing that aims to put the 'human' back into Human Resources.  Let's create work cultures where we are 'People Not Paperclips'

Individual and group coaching to progress your personal and organisational performance.

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