People Not Paperclips 

Who took the ‘human’ out of Human Resources?

Do you stare at low employee engagement levels across the globe, and wonder how it came to this? With so much knowledge of what motivates people at our fingertips, why are so many organisations still treating their people like they would a box of paperclips?

What if there was another way? What if we could draw on OD, Psychology and cultural change expertise to put the human back into Human Resources?

Kath Howard is an expert in cultural change, with extensive cross-sector experience of leading OD and HR teams with big brands. She combines psychological research, with real-world insights, and practical steps to put the ‘human’ back into your Human Resources.

 This book offers:

  • An approach you can tailor to YOUR organisation – no ‘what did Apple do?’, no silver bullets, no quick fixes.
  • A practical guide to building organisational cultures where people can do their best work
  • Tools and insights for creating HR capabilities, processes and practices with heart

Let’s move beyond pointing out what’s wrong, and start the deep thinking and planning to create what’s right.

Connect your vision, values and strategy to engage and motivate your people and your customers.

Research and writing that aims to put the 'human' back into Human Resources.  Let's create work cultures where we are 'People Not Paperclips'

Individual and group coaching to progress your personal and organisational performance.

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